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Bedroom furniture

BedRoom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom Furniture is your ultimate personal haven, but you can’t create a perfect space for relaxation without quality bedroom furniture. For you, your optimum unwinding spot might be a bedroom full of modern furniture, styled with a traditional touch or designed with a mixture of both. Whatever your personal style, we have more than 20 range of bedroom furniture sets to choose from, helping you create the stylish retreat of your dreams.

The first thing for bedroom furniture is the bed. With about one-third of our lives spent in bed, we should buy the biggest bed frame our bedrooms allow, and the best mattress too. Save space in a smaller room with a storage ottoman bed or a gas lift frame. The next stop in The Range bedroom furniture department is our wide selection of wardrobes. We have 2-door, 3-door, and 4-door wardrobes that will suit both the size of your clothes collection and your room. Sliding doors and mirrored wardrobes are the perfect choice for a small bedroom. Must have additional furniture for your new bedroom bedside tables and a chest of drawers. Choose from quirky 3-drawer chests, a traditional 6-drawer chest, and everything in between.

And let’s not forget that kids need furniture too – we’ve got everything for Kids’ Rooms as well Our Single Wooden Bunk bed and Trio wooden bunk bed are perfect for your kids room.

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